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Cabeau's Evolution S3 can attach to airline seats

Cabeau breaks into cruise market with Tallink

Cabeau, the California-based specialist in comfort travel products, has secured its first ever listings in the cruise market with Tallink, the Estonian provider of mini-cruises and passenger transport services.

Amongst the products available with Tallink, whose services are delivered in the northern Baltic Sea region, will be Cabeau’s Evolution S3 travel pillow, which launched earlier this year at the International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas.

Tallink Duty Free AS Category Manager Aire Kraas said: “We are very excited about our new collaboration with Cabeau. Cabeau has fantastic products for travellers, which are creating a lot of additional comfort for people on the go.

“With adding Cabeau travel pillows to our selection we hope to offer the same comfort to our passengers and improve our assortment of travel accessories. Great products, efficient displays, good value for money – we expect great results.”

Cabeau Travel Retail Director of International Sales Denz Vanderlist added: “After establishing a global presence in airports around the world, we looked at sectors where we could strategically grow and scale our business.

“We set our sights on travel by sea and saw the ferry and cruise ship industry as a natural fit for our products. We are excited to grow our relationship with Tallink, our first listing in this travel-retail channel, as we support travellers in creating lasting memories in ultimate comfort.”

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