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SKYdeals launches "inflight shoppertainment"

SKYdeals launches inflight “shoppertainment”

SKYdeals is one of the tech platforms exhibiting at the inaugural TFWA Digital Village in Cannes, taking its place alongside other established and disruptor technologies of interest to travel-retail.

SKYdeals, a recently launched travel-retail platform aimed at passengers connected to the Internet via on-board wifi, offers temporary sales of exclusive, highly targeted and discounted products and services. It is also intended to entertain passengers inflight with a new shopping experience. The products and services that passengers buy online in the air can then be collected at the airport on arrival or shipped by post.

In addition to offering exclusive deals to passengers, SKYdeals has developed a unique technology named the “dynamic commercial flight plan” to entertain the passengers during their flight with special offers such as “Fly over offers, Group Buying offers and Instant sales”.

SKYdeals launches “inflight shoppertainment”

Enriched customer data

The platform proposes that brands and service providers are able to target passengers more effectively. Pitching itself to airlines as more than simply a new revenue stream, SKYdeals posits itself as “the first inflight Shoppertainment solution” and a provider of enriched customer data.

Julien Sivan SKYdeals CEO, explains: “Inflight connectivity is a real revolution in the airline industry and a fantastic opportunity to innovate and offer new experiences to travellers. SKYdeals is the first inflight ‘shoppertainment’ solution and a real innovation in the travel-retail industry. Our new service allows brands and services to target in real time a captive, premium and international audience of more than 3 billion passengers a year.”

Global ambitions

Launched in February 2017, SKYdeals ran initial pilots with French blue, the French budget airline, on the Paris-Punta Cana route. It is currently engaging with major airlines in France, the Middle East and the USA. It is additionally planning to establish itself in Asian markets soon.