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Shiseido and Shilla celebrate #StrongSouls with Changi Ultimune campaign

Shiseido Travel Retail has launched an innovative new animation at Singapore Changi Airport to celebrate the exclusive travel retail pre-launch of Shiseido’s revitalised Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and product campaign #StrongSouls.

The standout animation also introduces travel retail exclusive, the 24 Hour Defense Mist Duo, featuring bespoke Singapore packaging designed by Japanese contemporary artist ShiShi Yamazaki.

“The theme of the campaign is ‘Strong Souls’ and it is an homage to women; all women who are creative, daring and breaking the rules,” Shiseido Travel Retail Asia Pacific General Manager Kenji Calméjane told DFNIonline at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition last week.

“We feel that with Ultimune it was an opportunity to express that message at the campaign’s launch with the renowned Japanese dancer Koharu Sugawara and world-class Singaporean pastry chef Janice Wong.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming DFNI interview with Calméjane on Shiseido Travel Retail’s remarkable growth.

The Ultimune Red Vibe Street animation was opened by renowned Japanese dancer and Ultimune Ambassador Koharu Sugawara, alongside Shiseido Travel Retail Asia Pacific General Manager Kenji Calméjane; The Shilla Duty Free Vice-President Global Merchandising Division Raelene Johnson; The Shilla Duty Free Managing Director Phil Yoon; and Changi Airport Group’s Executive Vice-President Commercial Lim Peck Hoon and Group Senior Vice-President Airside Concessions Teo Chew Hoon.

Left to right: Group Senior Vice-President Airside Concessions Teo Chew Hoon; Changi Airport Group’s Executive Vice-President Commercial Lim Peck Hoon; Shiseido Travel Retail Asia Pacific General Manager Kenji Calméjane; Ultimune Ambassador Koharu Sugawara; The Shilla Duty Free Vice-President Global Merchandising Division Raelene Johnson; & The Shilla Duty Free Managing Director Phil Yoon

The animation will continue until 11 June at Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 Transit Departure Hall, before the products are rolled out globally across travel retail markets.

“This is a momentous occasion for Shiseido. The new Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate has been in development for a number of years and to unveil this as a travel retail exclusive in Asia’s number 1 airport is a fantastic achievement for the team,” said Shiseido Travel Retail Vice-President Marketing Elisabeth Jouguelet.

“Our animation, Ultimune Red Vibe Street, is an entirely new concept design and ties in with our ongoing strategic approach to creating more meaningful and engaging experiences for our customers beyond the realms of traditional retail.”

#StrongSouls and Red Vibe Street

Ultimune Red Vibe Street is inspired by Ultimune’s campaign theme #StrongSouls – celebrating women’s strength and the confidence and joy that stems from it.

Shiseido Travel Retail Asia Pacific General Manager Kenji Calméjane

Customers can receive exclusive rewards after completing the #StrongSouls journey around the animation at three zones:

  • Shake It, Snap It – designed to capture strength with Ultimune Ambassador, Koharu Sugawara, by creating user-generated GIFs and photos with Singapore inspired filters;
  • Wall of Strength – encouraging one another to embrace challenges by sharing motivational messages on blank cards for the next person to discover;
  • and Beauty Bar – where travellers can receive a skin immunity check and skincare consultation from Shiseido beauty consultants; and experience the skin-strengthening power of Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate.

Traveller rewards include a relaxing Ultimune Mask treatment, a personalised Ultimune travel organiser featuring a Singapore inspired design and an Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate deluxe sample.

Japanese native and Ultimune Ambassador, Koharu Sugawara, is the perfect fit to represent both Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and the campaign itself, the company said. She started dancing at a young age and went on to establish her original dance style, which eventually saw her embark on a coaching stint in over 40 countries within seven years. She has since established herself as a global icon, both as an international dancer and choreographer.

When asked how she would classify a strong woman, Sugawara commented: “Those who are not afraid to express themselves. Those who gracefully break fixed ideas of how women should be like with a smile. Wearing a smile indicates strength as well as beauty. I like to dance to make people smile,” she said.

Award-winning Singaporean pastry chef and artist, Janice Wong, was also in attendance at the launch, creating an edible art installation to celebrate the opening of Red Vibe Street. Wong, with her innovative and unrivalled skill in the kitchen, is another representative of #StrongSouls and female empowerment, inspiring women to follow their passions.

The #StrongSouls campaign features a dedicated campaign page, prominent Out-of-Home advertising in Changi Airport; and digital outreach to drive awareness of the campaign by targeting Singapore-bound travellers both pre-departure and during their trips via online media, throughout the month of May. Shiseido has also joined forces with partner Shilla, to amplify the communication of this campaign across Shilla’s social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Weibo.

The Shilla Duty Free Vice-President Global Merchandising Division Raelene Johnson said: “To be the first in travel retail to debut the revitalised Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is an honour and testament to the power of the industry.

“We are thrilled to partner with Shiseido Travel Retail for Ultimune Red Vibe Street at Changi Airport. Experiential innovations like this are a real driver when it comes to engaging travellers and drawing customers into store. This enhances the shopping or travel experience. The animation follows a tried and tested strategy that delivers a multi-channel experience for travellers and we look forward to a busy six weeks ahead at Changi Airport.”

Changi Airport Group’s Group Senior Vice-President of Airside Concessions Teo Chew Hoon enthused: “The #StrongSouls campaign celebrates the beauty of strength and sends an empowering message to all women. We are pleased to collaborate with Shiseido Travel Retail to launch this energetic scarlet-red pop-up and the renewed Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate at Changi Airport.”

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is Shiseido’s best-selling product since its inaugural launch in 2014, with one bottle sold every 13 seconds*. The game-changing serum has received over 132 beauty awards globally** – more than any other product in Shiseido’s 145 year history, thanks to its innovative concept of strengthening skin’s defences.

The revitalised concentrate builds on 25 years of research to deliver a seamless and effective serum. ImuGeneration Technology™ contains potent natural extracts that encourage skin’s ability to defend its own ideal condition, even under extreme stress. Concern areas clear up quickly and diminish further over time. Skin looks smooth, supple and radiant, with unwavering strength and vitality from within.

Ultimune’s rich, dewy texture absorbs immediately, and feels like an invisible veil of protection; while ImuCalm Compound™, containing soothing fragrances such as Rose Element and Lotus Element, relieves stress and offers a calming effect. The compound also emits Green floral fragrances to evoke both a sense of relaxation, and a feeling of fresh, new energy.

Art of Design

Shiseido views the art of package design as part of the science of skincare, and every aspect of the new product’s look, feel, and function reflects the serum itself. The packaging holds true to its original design to project an image of inner strength. A silver line was also added to the package to represent the start of a bright future.

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate will be launched across other travel retail markets from 1 June.

24 Hour Defense Mist Duo

Specially designed to be used during travelling, the 24h Defense Mist Duo keeps skin hydrated in the air and on-the-go with the moisturising power of a skincare cream. This packaging features a bespoke Singapore design by Japanese contemporary artist, ShiShi Yamazaki, using a unique rotoscoping technique – pre-launched in Changi Airport this month.

To be rolled out in Changi Airport in May, followed by other limited edition and generic designs in the rest of travel retail in June, the 24 Hour Defense Mist Duo features Shiseido’s proprietary technology and includes two 30ml bottles for a dual-step routine: Mist 1 replenishes hydration; Mist 2 transforms that spray into a dewy moisturising gel. It also contains hyaluronic acids for both mists to be able to use them separately and Japanese Kirishima mineral spring water for skin that looks smooth, radiant and supple on the go and during long flights.

*Based on global sell-in data collected from January 2017–December 2017, in which 1 day is counted as 24 hours

**Total number of awards globally as of December 2017

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