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Travel-retail specialist InTrend Worldwide launches

InTrend Worldwide will make its debut as a new travel-retail specialist at the Tax Free World Association World Exhibition in Cannes next week.

InTrend Worldwide aims to bring a range of innovative new brands to the travel-retail sector, most of which will be launched in 2014. The company’s expertise lies in the distribution, sales and international marketing of luxury brands. Photo of Supertrash phenomenol

InTrend Worldwide’s Zac Albright commented: "We feel that the travel-retail sector is ready for some trendy, hot new products that break the mould of what is typically found in the channel. We are looking to make some very unique offerings to the sector and are confident of their potential for real success. All of our brands are exclusively available to travel-retail from us, and we are looking for distribution across all distribution channels within the sector globally."

InTrend Worldwide’s main brands are: multi-award winning Kah Tequila, which comes in four varieties; fashion brand SuperTrash – InTrend Worldwide will bring the fragrance SuperTrash Phenomenal to travel-retail; watches brand Ratel Swiss; consumer electronics company BigR Audio; health and beauty range Advanced Line cosmetics; and Madliani Georgian Wines.