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Ferrero launches Liberty mints in travel-retail

Photo of liberty berriesConfectionery supplier Ferrero Travel Market Division has introduced a new product in the Tic Tac range to the duty-free and travel-retail channel. The Liberty sugar-free mints are available from this month and come in two flavours: Wildberries and Coolmint.

The company said the new premium mints have been trialled at points of sale around the world “with exceptional sales”, adding that the product is “virtually travel exclusive” as it is only available in a few domestic markets.

Priced at €2.50 ($3.30) as an impulse purchase, the Liberty mints will be presented alongside the traditional Tic Tac mints at this year’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes next month, in addition to the suppliers other ranges including Ferrero, Kinder, Raffaello and Nutella.

Ferrero Travel Market Division marketing manager Serge van Wijck said: “Liberty mints fill the gap in the market for a premium sugar-free mint in a classy little tin that can be consumed any time for instant fresh breath.”


  1. Hi Im looking to buy them but cant find them anywhere First got them on holiday but theyve stopped selling them

  2. I recently purchased some in italy as a replacement for the discontinued Tic Tac Chill mints great productI find them to be an excellent replacement but cannot find them anywhere in the States Any help in obtaining them would be appreciated

  3. Bought some in Italy and have been looking everywhere trying to get more When can we have them in Canada

  4. Tried it its really nice Let us know from where we can purchase it in India