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Absolut launches new flavour in travel-retail

Photo of absolut grapevineThe Absolut Company has launched a new flavour of Absolut vodka that will be available in global duty-free and travel-retail markets and the US ahead a gradual roll-out to selected locations. Absolut Gräpevine combines grapes, dragon fruit and papaya and is made exclusively from natural ingredients without added sugar, according to the supplier.

“The interest in cocktails is a steadily growing trend, and therefore there is great demand for products which combine various flavours and are simple to mix. We have already experienced this with our earlier launches of Absolut Orient Appel and Absolut Berri Açaí, which have enjoyed great sales success,” said The Absolut Company global marketing director Louis de Fautereau.

“Absolut Gräpevine makes it simple to mix creative drinks just by adding a single ingredient,” added global brand ambassador Matt Pomeroy. “But Absolut Gräpevine is the perfect complement even for the more advanced bartender, as it is easy to mix with many different ingredients to create exciting drinks.”