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Hama expands into travel-retail and duty-free

German accessories specialist Hama is looking to extend its business into travel-retail and duty-free. Founded in 1923, Hama has over 18,000 products and specialises in photography, consumer electronics, computers and telecommunications. Hama brands such as Coocazoo, Step-by-Step and aha offer casual bags complemented by guest-brands such as Caterpillar, Chiemsee and Ellehammer.Photo of hama ipadholder

The company is looking to increase global brand presence through specific product selection for travel-retail; exclusive travel-retail packaging for airport, ferry, cruise and train station stores; inflight sales increase sales through optimised shelf planning; provide better average margins through improved space management; shop-in-shop concepts; Hama points of sale; special deals to increase volume and marketing support.

Hama travel-retail and business development director Enrico Schläpfer, who assumed the role at the beginning of the year said: “Our product range includes everything that business travellers and holidaymakers need when they’re on the go: From the product-specific smartphone charger to protective tablet cases and wi-fi data readers that can send photos from a digital camera to a tablet. Our wide range of technical equipment is also supplemented by a growing luggage product line.”