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The Macallan shop-in-shop boosts sales at Hong Kong international

A luxury shop-in-shop opened by The Macallan at Hong Kong International Airport, its first such dedicated store in Asia, has brought a significant boost to sales of the super-premium single malt Scotch whisky in its first three months, says the company.

The store in the busy east hall of terminal one is designed to showcase The Macallan’s travel retail exclusive 1824 Collection and also its limited releases and special editions, including M Decanter, The Macallan Fine & Rare with Whisky Companion, the Masters of Photography series and The Macallan in Lalique decanters, some of which command prices of up to US$40,000.

The current line-up of prestige products available includes The Macallan 55-years old, The Macallan in Lalique 57, various Fine & Rare vintages (1952, etc), each one sold with a bespoke Whisky Companion and a set of four Lalique Crystal Tumblers.

The contemporary design of the store is based on The Macallan’s two strongest and most recognisable pillars: natural colour and exceptional oak casks.

Back-lit wall displays use a colour spectrum based on the industry standard for measuring the tint of whisky, starting with the lightest colour on the left and moving through to the darkest on the right. Unusually for a spirit, or single malt of any scale, the colour of The Macallan is 100% natural.

The stave shape structure of the wallbays and tasting bar suggest a deconstructed cask with its curved lines and prominent metalwork. The Macallan invests in the most prized sherry oak casks in the world in the knowledge that they will add depth and richness to the flavour of the whisky.

An engagement table display with an Augmented Reality digital application allows a promoter to engage with a consumer by scanning the ‘Six Pillars’ icon on an iPad to activate a journey through the heritage of the brand and an explanation of how they make The Macallan unique.

In the centre of the shop display, an inter-changeable panel has been installed to showcase any new launch or special edition which the brand wishes to highlight.

Edrington regional director Asia travel retail Ryan Hill said: “The Macallan shop-in-shop at Hong Kong airport follows the success of the out-of-store display in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport last year which raised the brand’s profile among millions of travelling consumers. The stunning design of the new store not only allows us to strengthen the luxury cues of the brand and to engage and recruit new single malt consumers, but also drives store penetration for the operator.

“The travelling public is able to explore the 1824 Collection and see first-hand some of The Macallan’s rarest products such as the unique M Decanter, The Macallan in Lalique collection of beautiful decanters and the extraordinary Masters of Photography series.”

Edrington Asia Travel Retail will be showcasing The Macallan Shop-in-shop at the TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore as it targets roll-out of the luxury concept to strategically selected locations globally.