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Hershey’s opens first travel-retail boutique

Photo of hersheys boutique philippinesChocolate supplier Hershey’s has opened its first travel-retail boutique with retailer Duty Free Philippines’ confectionery subsidiary Eastern Duty Free. The 30sq m (322sq ft) store features a wide range of Hershey’s products including its travel-retail exclusives and the Pasalubong bag, which is exclusive to Eastern Duty Free and contains an assortment designed for returning Filipino workers to give as gifts to family and friends.

The shop is located in the Fiesta Mall in Manila and, according to the supplier, was developed to sell new and exclusive products created especially for Hershey’s own-store strategy, which “house a mixture of the brand’s best-loved confections”. The bags are not sold in any other market.

Hershey’s global travel-retail marketing manager John San Miguel said: “This dedicated branded presence gives us the room to show our wide range of products to the travelling consumer, and we are convinced that following this example is a great path for us in travel-retail where possible.”

The company added it will soon announce a second travel-retail boutique.