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Brugal launches exclusive travel-retail collection

Rum brand Brugal and brand-owner Edrington have unveiled the new Brugal Reservas travel-retail exclusive collection.

Brugal Gran Reserva XV is a new premium blend which replaces the Brugal Extra Viejo Reserva in travel-retail. Photo of Brugal Reservas bottles and pack 300

Both it and the existing Brugal Reserva Añejo are being presented in European travel-retail in new packs as part of a drive to create a unified family appearance on the shelf which sets them apart from the Brugal expressions available in the domestic markets.

To create Brugal Gran Reserva XV, the Brugal Maestros Roneros have selected rums aged in ex-bourbon American white oak casks and ex-sherry European Pedro Ximenez casks.

The result is powerfully smooth and elegant rum of unparalleled quality which is best enjoyed straight or on the rocks, claims the company.

It added: “In appearance Brugal Gran Reserva XV looks clean and pure with a beautiful crystalline amber hue. On the nose it is smooth and aromatic with light woody notes, traces of caramel, honey and dried fruits. On the palate it is smooth, fruity, dry and slightly woody giving a pleasant, complex and well balanced finish.”

Brugal Reserva Añejo is created by maturing the rum gently in oak casks which “produces notes of chocolate and oak, intermingled with a smooth sweetness reminiscent of toffee. This powerfully, smooth aged rum is perfect when enjoyed straight, on the rocks or in a favourite cocktail.”

Created by award-winning design consultancy Lewis Moberly, the Brugal Reservas range features clear bottles in a distinctive slim shape embossed with ‘Desde 1888’ denoting the heritage of the distillery. Their labels are transparent with a refined navy blue and gold shield and expression demarcations.

Brugal Añejo Reserva 1 litre (38% ABV) is presented in a distinctive cream-coloured net. Brugal Gran Reserva XV 1 litre (38% ABV) on the other hand is presented in a gold-coloured gift carton and will command a higher price point.

Brugal brand director Mark Geary said: “We are delighted with the new designs for our award-winning Reservas collection which we believe are fully in line with the demands of the travelling consumer who is looking for a premium product, which tastes sublime and is beautifully presented.”

The Brugal Reservas collection is joined on shelf by Brugal Papá Andrés, recently judged to be the world’s best super-premium rum in The Spirits Business Rum Masters 2013 competition.

Since its launch in October 2012 Brugal Papá Andrés has been the star of activations in key locations in Europe and around the world, including most recently Barcelona and Madrid with Aldeasa and in Munich with Eurotrade.