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In Memoriam: George Petros Rebeiz

George Petros Rebeiz, the founder of Caviar House, which later became Caviar House & Prunier, was born into a family of merchants in Beirut on June 8 1926.

In the 1950s he was appointed as Lebanese Consul for Copenhagen, where he set up the new food trade concept created to export Middle Eastern food and seafood to Scandinavia and to bring high-quality French cuisine to Denmark. Last year travel caterer SSP opened the first Caviar House & Prunier seafood bar in Asia at Hong Kong International airport terminal one.

In 1960 Rebeiz decided to concentrate his activities exclusively on importing Russian and Iranian caviar, and over the next four decades he became an acclaimed king of caviar. His great love for his profession went hand in hand with his extraordinary passion for life, people and his family. Everyone who met him spoke of his kindness, his warmth and his legendary humour.

Today George P Rebeiz’s descendants, in a family agreement with Pierre Bergé, continue the unique tradition they inherited from their father in the shape of Caviar House & Prunier.