Ahead of the rest

Prosperity in India looks set to continue, led by a surge in travel-retail spend as business traffic improves, if predictions prove correct. Bill Lumley examines the advance of the new tiger economy, the potential for rich rewards and retail developments at key airports

The art of selling

Airport retailers need bold promotions to stimulate business, according to Malaysian operator Chocolate Sales & Supplies (CSS). Michael Eaton talks to group marketing manager Shereen Lau about plans for building traffic through its new Choc Stop International store at Kuala Lumpur International airport

A fresh dimension

Dramatic retail and terminal developments have opened up new opportunities at Sydney International airport. Bill Lumley takes a closer look at how the facility is taking shape
(5-May-2009) - The latest product launches
(5-May-2009) - For many travelling consumers a new state-of-the-art pair of fashionable sunglasses would be the last sacrifice in times of financial hardship. Michael Eaton asks Marcolin duty-free manager Chiara Polverini about the market mood
(5-May-2009) - A large number of shoppers in travel-retail stores are not end-consumers. But how many brand-owners and retailers are tuned into this and how many are getting the basics right to deliver a relevant shopping experience? The time has come to address where the focus for retailing excellence should lie in order to appeal to all shoppers—and it should not be on high-end, over-ranged executions
(5-May-2009) - Has the luxury boom in Asia levelled out? While some leading fashion houses are ready to ride out the global recession, others are adapting their strategies to cope with more thrift-driven passengers. Kevin Rozario reports
(5-May-2009) - Although jewellery and watches are not traditional duty-free product categories, they have been quickly established as growth areas in travel-retail, particularly in Asia. Has the economic downturn changed that picture? Nicole Mezzasalma investigates